MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A two-vehicle crash left one person dead Friday, according to Memphis Police.

At 1:11 p.m., officers responded to the scene at East Brooks Road and South Third Street, where a vehicle overturned and struck a pole. One person was pronounced dead on the scene, police say.

Memphis Police say the northbound lanes of traffic on South Third at Brooks and the southbound lane at Third and Peebles were blocked while officers investigated and cleared the scene.

Surveillance video seen only on WREG shows the moments a gold Subaru comes speeding down Third Street, hits another car, and slams into a pole at the intersection of Brooks.

A driver named Shelby says he was driving up Third Street when he stumbled across the scene, and it’s not the first time it’s happened here. 

“I run up and down this intersection all the time, even when I was a child,” Shelby said. “The intersection is safe. It’s the people in the intersection that is not safe.”

Photo courtesy of Brooke Billions, WREG

Back in June, WREG reported on two people hit by a car and killed in the same intersection. In 2020, we reported on another crash between two vehicles and a tractor-trailer that critically injured someone. 

Shelby says drivers in Memphis are becoming more and more reckless, to the point where he’s nervous to get on the road. 

“Yeah, it’s a concern because you have to look through your rear, you gotta look through your front, you gotta look through your side at all times,” Shelby said. “With these youngsters out here today, I don’t know who gave them their driver’s license but they don’t know how to drive.”

Memphis Police have not commented on the cause of this accident, but a report presented to the City Council in August said Third Street was the most dangerous street for pedestrians in the city, with five people being killed there so far this year.