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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two teenagers have been arrested and charged with stealing Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis’ gun.

Both teens are 17 years old and are being charged with two counts of burglary to a motor vehicle, attempted theft of property of a motor vehicle, theft of property of a handgun.

One teen is also being charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder.

The gun was in a lockbox and stolen from a vehicle at a Cordova store in January. The handgun was Chief Davis’ secondary duty weapon.

Chief Davis was a passenger of the vehicle. The car owner said he went inside a store and when he returned to his vehicle, he noticed a backpack and the chief’s lockbox and handgun stolen.

The gun has still not been located.

Chief Davis said in a statement:

“This incident is a vivid reminder that even as a police official, I am not immune to the criminal activity that occurs so blatantly in our city. This will only strengthen my resolve to get stolen guns off our streets and bring those perpetrators to justice.”

Chief Davis became a victim of crime for a second time this month after neighbors say her new home was broken into. Neighbors told WREG the suspects stole appliances such as washers and dryers before leaving them in a nearby yard due to being stuck in a muddy area.

The teens haven’t been identified but police say they are members of a local gang.

Several members were arrested in February for shootings, auto thefts and burglaries along Poplar Avenue and the Cordova area.

Alarming data from the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission says theft of guns from vehicles increased almost 53 percent last year in Memphis. More than 2,000 guns were stolen in 2021 compared to a little over 1,300 in 2020.

It’s why shoppers like Peter Shadrach say it’s important to keep your weapon with you.

“You just got to protect your gun. Take it wherever you go. Don’t leave it in your car,” Shadrach said.

It is unknown at this time if the crime was random or targeted. WREG reached out to Memphis Police for comment on the burglary but have not heard back.