MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two sisters have made it their mission, to make a difference, one toy at a time. For the second year they’ve organized their own toy drive, helping to bring cheer to more than 100 children in the Memphis area.

For 10-year-old Anna Claire Russell and eight-year-old Mary James Russell, top of mind right now is what will be under the Christmas tree for other children. 

The girls organized a toy drive benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Memphis. 

“And the reason I’m excited is I just want so many kids to have so many toys and it’s going to be so great,” Mary James Russell told us as she was helping organize the toy drive.

The holidays are here, and that means these sisters are excited. Last year, the girls collected more than 120 toys.

“We want kids to have as happy Christmas as we do,” Mary James said. Her sister, Anna Claire chimed in, “Because some kids aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

They came from far and wide.

“People around the neighborhood and all over because we put a lot of flyers. We did 100 flyers,” Mary James said.

The two girls were overwhelmed by how many people donated.

“Not that they wouldn’t but we didn’t know that, that many people would come,” Mary James said.

This year they want to collect even more.

“So many kids will be able to have toys,” Mary James said.

They made promotional videos, and circulated them on social media to help spread the word.

“So here’s the deal, if we get to 200 toys, which is our goal, the Russell family is going to put two bikes in the mix!”

The girls got the idea after seeing their dad work on a toy drive with his fraternity. Then, they wanted to do their own.

“I was a little more hesitant and he was the one who said, ‘let’s help them be successful. Let’s really help facilitate this for them.’ And so when we got busy doing that for them, they got involved, they got excited and it really helped me remember it is our job as parents to teach our kids about community service,” parents, Jamie and Lauren Russell told us.

The Russell’s goal is to teach their children to be community-minded, to think beyond themselves.

“If not you, who? If not now, when? There’s no better time to teach our kids to be aware, to be responsible and to contribute,” Lauren Russell said. “Whether it be their school, their church or just their neighborhood.” 

“We have a really good Christmas and I just want other people to have one too,” the sisters told us.

The sisters hope other people do what they can to help out in some way too. 

“We’d like to see you participate in any community service that you get a chance to participate in,” the sisters said.

If you would like to help the Russells meet the goal of 200 toys, you can donate here.