MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Police have identified two men who they say are responsible for a shooting that injured two people around 11:15 Wednesday morning.

Police responded to a call reporting of shots fired at multiple people at a home on the 400 block of Bicycle Road, northwest of Holly Springs. Investigators said a car crashed in front of the home, leading to two vehicles shot up. Witnesses said the suspects then fled into the woods.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office have identified Javion Boxley, 22, and Lamarcus Jones, 21, as suspects in the shooting.

One of the suspects is believed to have been struck by a bullet.

Among the two victims was Levanda Goodman’s son Roy who was leaving her home when he was shot.

Goodman believes the two gunmen were targeting her son and said they’ve been gunning for him for the past few years but she doesn’t know why.

“I’m frustrated, I am frustrated. I have had it up to here. As a mother, I shouldn’t get calls in the middle of the night that my son has been shot. I shouldn’t get calls from my son that he’s being ambushed,” she said. “Enough is enough and it’s time that justice is served.”

Marshall County Lieutenant Kelly McMillen said they have been investigating the suspects for a year but did not give a reason why.

This is an ongoing investigation.