MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One person is dead after two shootings happened within a two-mile-radius in Raleigh over the weekend.

A concerned neighbor living along Spring Valley Cove gave WREG home surveillance video that shows dozens of young people out Saturday. She says it rattled her to her core.

2023 Memphis murder and homicide map

She described many of the young people carrying assault weapons in the open, or in some cases they had them in book bags, quickly pulling them out. It was at that moment she went back inside shortly after shots rang out.

“The world right now, is lost and our children, our children, need help,” she said.

It was under the cover of darkness when the first of two shootings happened. Video shows a dark colored sedan at the stop light at Egypt Central and Raleigh Millington.

Seconds later, another dark colored sedan pulls up. Several gunmen get out and shots are fired — you can even see the muzzle flash.

A man sitting in the backseat was hit and killed.

In a surprising twist, the vehicle with the deceased victim is believed to have traveled to Spring Valley Cove.

Minutes after that first shooting, there was more gunfire.

Neighbors nearby say they live guarded. Even the way they park, by backing into their driveways, is strategic, they said, as this allows them the chance to get away quickly when they have to.

At last check, there were no arrests for either shooting. If you know anything that could help police, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.