MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a woman was almost abducted while jogging with her dog Wednesday in an East Memphis neighborhood.

Around 3:45 Wednesday afternoon, police officers responded to an attempted abduction in the 4100 block of Long Leaf Drive, off Wallace Road.

The victim told police that about an hour earlier, she was jogging with her dog when two men drove up in a grey vehicle with rear-end damage, tinted back windows and no hubcaps.

The woman said the suspect in the back seat opened his door and tried to snatch her. She started screaming for help and ran away.

The vehicle left the scene in the opposite direction, police say. According to reports, the driver had on a black ski mask and gloves.

A witness on Chanwil Avenue told police that she saw the incident take place from her kitchen window.

The victim told officers that she has video footage of the vehicle.

Last September, teacher Eliza Fletcher was jogging in East Memphis, about a mile from this scene, when she was abducted and killed. Her suspected killer could face life in prison without parole if convicted.