MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men say they were robbed at gunpoint in downtown Memphis Tuesday night, and police are looking for their attackers.

A walk down South Main Street is normally quaint. But around 10:15 p.m., two men taking a walk had anything but a quaint experience.

One man told police he was walking on South Main near Huling when a man got out of a silver Nissan Maxima, held him at gunpoint, and demanded his property. The victim ran away.

Another man said he was also walking along South Main from GE Patterson when he saw a Maxima cruising the area. He said he tried to hide, but the passenger in the car got out, held him at gunpoint, and demanded his belongings. The suspect got away with his wallet and phone.

The men went to a nearby hotel for help.

“I’m always around the downtown area, Trolley Night, we walk around all the time in the evenings, and no, that is not the norm downtown,” said Candice Davis, who works downtown. “I think it’s terrible. You know you can’t go in the city without being robbed, shot, whatever.”

While Davis calls this case unusual, she says it’s also a reminder you have to stay vigilant when out and about.

“Be alert everywhere. We don’t want to put a bad name on Memphis. Be alert everywhere,” Davis said. “Don’t be scared to come downtown, still come visit.”