MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been another violent weekend in the city of Memphis. On Sunday alone, two people died in separate shootings hours apart.

It’s been described by some as a brazen attack. The aftermath left crime scene tape sprawled across the Valero station’s parking lot, shell casings and a disappointed community.

Around noon Sunday, a man was shot and killed along Crump Boulevard as result of a disagreement he had with someone else, according to Memphis Police. It’s an outcome one concerned neighbor, Charles Howard, hates to hear.

“It’s other ways of handling that type of drama without it being mass killings. People just need to take the time to think get their mind in a better place and I think everything will calm down,” Howard said.

Memphis broke a record last year with 332 homicides. As of Sunday morning, there had been 291 murders in the city this year. It’s why this community wants to see things change.

MPD detained one person after the shooting, but we’re still waiting for more details from police, including the identity of the victim.