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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say two children were kidnapped in South Memphis Thursday afternoon.

Police said the kidnapping happened in the area of Trigg Avenue and Englewood Street. Officers made the scene at around 11:41 a.m.

Officers began searching for him in the area of Cannon Street and Orgill Avenue.

Michael Martin, who lives in the area, said he heard a little girl’s voice coming from his backyard in Englewood. When he came outside, he saw a child being led by a man who said he was the girl’s father.

“I said what’s going on and he said his son was lost and he was trying to find him and can I help him, and I thought that was a little strange,” Martin said.

He said the next thing he knew the man and little girl were headed up a neighbor’s driveway and several police cars were on his street.

“They all parked their cars and took off after him with their weapons drawn and he released the daughter and ran through there and that’s the last I saw of him,” Martin said.

Other people in the neighborhood said they saw a helicopter hovering above and officers checking abandoned homes.

Memphis Police said the little girl and her brother from their mother by a man they knew but they haven’t said much else.

“The officer told me the father kidnapped the son and daughter and I heard the officer ask where are you from New Orleans and she said no…Jonesboro,” Martin said.

Police said the little boy was found about a block away and their mother was later found safe.

Police said this kidnapping is domestic in nature, and that the victims know the suspect.

Memphis Police said the suspect fled the scene on foot.

The neighbor who saw the suspect said he was wearing a camo tank top, shorts, and flip-flops. If you have any information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.

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