MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many hotel guests in southeast Memphis received a wakeup call after dozens of cars were vandalized overnight at Extended Stay America.

Car windows and windshields were smashed which left many people angry and frustrated. This incident comes four days after officers say another car burglary happened at Double Tree Hotel on Sanderlin Avenue.

“This don’t make no sense for a whole parking lot to be vandalized,” one victim, India, said. “Every car on this lot, window is busted. Cars is broken into.”

The Extended Stay American along Mt. Moriah has been a place of serenity to India for the past month.

“I came here. I came here to get some peace. A peace of mind,” she said.

However, that calmness was quickly crushed after finding the car break-ins. One by one, vandals smashed through windows and left behind an expensive problem.

“I’ve been paying almost $500 a week just to stay here,” India said. “School starts next week, and I don’t have no money to be buying no new window.”

Another frustrated victim, Stacey Taylor, said things were already difficult beforehand.

“My car has tape on it, so they could have pulled the tape down and just opened the door,” Taylor said. “You’re taking me through unnecessary duress.”

For those staying here, this is much more than a hotel. It is their home. Despite having gates and security cameras, the victims told WREG that their sense of safety has been shattered.

“They didn’t spare nobody,” India said. “I mean ain’t nobody safe out here.”

Police said at least 27 vehicles were broken into. WREG attempted to speak with management at the hotel, but they declined to comment.