MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are facing multiple charges after Memphis Police say they were running a chop shop in the Medical District.

According to reports, they found eight stolen cars and one stolen license plate on the property, totaling over $140,000. There were three Dodge Chargers, two Dodge Challengers, a Dodge Ram, an Infiniti and a Nissan Maxima.

Officers found that all of the vehicles were being stripped with numerous tools to devalue the resale price. Auto Theft Investigators checked the property and found that Charles Murphy was the property owner.

Murphy arrived at the station with Melvin Osborne, who is said to be the co-owner of the property.

Murphy told MPD that only he and Osborne had access to the property, and he had no knowledge of the stolen vehicles.

The two are facing 16 charges each, including Violation of Chop Shop Law, Vandalism of $1,000-$2,5000, Theft of Property $10,000-$60,000 along with other charges.