MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three 400-foot-tall chimney stacks at a former power plant near downtown Memphis were demolished in a controlled implosion Friday.

The Tennessee Valley Authority released video of the implosion at the decommissioned Allen Fossil Plant at the Port of Memphis. You can watch above.

Economic development officials say the demolition of the former plant is expected to help spur development in the industrial park that surrounds it.

“We are striving for cleaner and more efficient energy generation as we build the energy system of the future while restoring the site for economic development,” TVA said in a press statement.

The move did not come without controversy, however.

Newly sworn-in state Rep. Justin J. Pearson, who represents the area where the plant is located, said neighbors were given less than 24 hours notice before the implosion. Memphis Community Against the Pipeline, a community advocacy group with whom Pearson is aligned, also worried about the effects of the toxic coal ash that might have been stirred up.

“While we understand the need to destroy this facility, the community deserves to know the plan to contain any toxic coal residue from the stacks & how this will affect the air quality of the surrounding communities,” the group tweeted.