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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — For the time in four years, Donald Trump returned to Southaven.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Trump supporter Suzanne Denman.

But it’s also a reality that comes on heels of an investigation into the Capitol riot, which has the attention of the former president.

“With their pathetic show trial, the unselects are doctoring the video. Six, eight and 10 hours depositions,” Trump said.

Despite the timing of the American Freedom Tour, which organizers say is to promote conservative values, the fanfare was on display as thousands packed the Landers Center.

“He’s the greatest man that ever run,” said Jerry Wright. “I can’t believe they took it away from him past it, but I tell you what he’s the man.”

Among the handful of speakers was Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, who openly professed his support for Trump.

“In Mississippi, this is Donald Trump country,” Reeves said. “Mississippi loves Donald Trump, and I think we all can probably agree that that sure could use him back in that oval.”

Several law enforcement agencies were on hand such as secret service, state troopers and other local departments. There were no reports of any major issues, but WREG did see a man being detained by officers after he was seen yelling profanity.

The event lasted about 10 hours, and attendees believe it was well worth every minute.

“I’m loving this, it’s real nice,” said attendee Sandra Jackson. “It’s just an experience.”

During Trump’s address he hinted at a possible run for president, but no final decision has been made at this point.