TUNICA, Miss. — As part of Tunica, Mississippi’s curfew ordinance, trick or treating is restricted to a designated area and will only last until 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Andrew Dulaney said Tunica has staged the Halloween event for about six years and that the idea of creating a designated “trick or treat” area for a set amount of time has been well-received by parents.

“It helps keep the kids safe with the roads closed, and everybody just gets out in the middle of the road and walks up and down the street, greets each other, and hopefully gets a little candy,” Mayor Dulaney said. “A lot of people come into town that don’t live in town, and it kind of gives everybody a place to congregate and see each other’s costumes, and it’s really kind of a festive atmosphere.”

A couple that lives on a section of School Street designated as the official Halloween Zone says they are transforming their home into a haunted house.

“On this side of the house, there’s going to be some guys chasing kids around with some bladeless chainsaws,” Rick Lawless said.

This will be the first Tunica Halloween for the couple, who are originally from New Orleans.

“We’re giving out over 350 full-size candy bars to kids tonight,” Linda Lawless said. “It’s wonderful. It shows that we can all get along, we can all have a good time, if we make the children important.”

Hickory Lane to Academy Drive will be blocked for the Halloween event, which ends at 7:30 p.m. Only foot traffic and registered low-speed vehicles will be allowed on the street.

Law enforcement as well as Tunica Fire will assist on Tuesday night.