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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are looking for two thieves who robbed a tree trimming crew at gunpoint. It’s one of at least three incidents where tree trimmers were robbed since the ice storm.

Police are looking for two thieves who robbed a tree trimming crew at gunpoint in East Memphis. Investigators say they stole $2,000 worth of equipment in a matter of seconds.

The robbery happened Monday while that tree trimming crew was doing work on South Angela Road.

Investigators said two men in a white Infiniti drove up and told the workers to run away. At that point, the men stole two chainsaws worth $1,000 each, then sped away.

One business owner said one of his crews was also robbed at gunpoint in East Memphis on Monday and he believes the same men may be responsible. He said his workers were also hit by thieves in a white Infiniti.

“I don’t believe they’re taking the equipment to the pawn shops because there’s a system there to put a stop to it,” he said. “They find them a buyer somewhere and steal a $1,000 chainsaw and take it somewhere, maybe out of state, and sell it for $500.”

Investigators haven’t said if any of these cases are connected but the man hopes whoever’s responsible is arrested soon. In the meantime, he said he’s not taking any chances.

“I’ve had to stay late on some of these jobs on guard duty because I can legally carry a weapon,” he said. “I’m gonna do what I need to do to protect my crew.”

In light of the recent robberies, police said they are increasing patrols in areas where they know tree trimming is going on.