MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Early morning storms caused damage to homes and cars Tuesday, and WREG spoke with two people who had their days disrupted by strong winds.

Heavy rain and strong wind brought down trees and electric poles across Memphis on Tuesday. Flash flooding made it difficult to see obstacles in the roadway.

We saw a driver filling out a police report hours after running over an electrical pole that fell across the street and was submerged in water on South McLean in Central Gardens.

Nearby on Peabody Avenue near Diana Street, a large tree fell and took down two fences with it.
The tree fell into Eli Steinberg’s backyard. He said at first, he didn’t realize it was a tree.

“I thought it was a car because I live near Peabody, a main street and I didn’t notice anything until really early this morning I looked outside and was like Woah. There is a giant tree in my back yard,” Steinberg said.

The homeowner said thankfully the tree fell into the backyard. 

“The only thing I’m upset now is that I have to rebuild the fence. but it is okay. I am just glad it didn’t fall onto anybody’s house or anybody’s car,” Steinberg said.

Steinberg said he may take his misfortune and find a way to turn it into a positive.

“The tree didn’t originate from my yard but I guess most of it is in my yard, Once I get my chainsaw fixed I will get someone else over here to help me and we will turn it into firewood I guess,” Steinberg said.

The driver who hit the pole was not injured.