MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A tree brought down live wires in a Frayser neighborhood, leaving some residents without power as a storm system moved through the Mid-South Wednesday evening.

The tree fell just after 6 p.m. on Ardmore Street. It brought live wires down with it, leaving several homes without power.

Monzi Dean, who was visiting her mother-in-law, had her van crushed by the tree with live wires on it.

Photo by Brooke Billions, WREG

“I looked back and my whole ban is under a tree, the tree is split in the middle,” Dean said.

She said MLGW crews came out, put up cones, told people not to move their cars because it was dangerous, then left.

“I feel that they should have at least put up something to keep other people from driving down this way, being that you know there are live lines down. I actually feel like they should have had police out here,” Dean said. ” MLGW should have been sitting out here. Someone from the city should have been more responsible. Safeguard anybody else who could possibly get hurt.”

MLGW returned after we arrived and began repairing the damaged lines and worked to restore power. The utility company told us power in the area was restored in about three hours.

When we reached out the MLGW, they provided us the following statement:

“You should always treat any downed power lines as if they are live. Stay away from them, keep others away, and report them to MLGW’s emergency hotline 901-528-4465. When MLGW gets a report about a downed power line, power to the line is cut off until it is repaired and returned to the utility pole. The time needed for repairs varies depending on things like the weather, the number of outages, and the extent of the damage.”

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