MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In a North Memphis community known for being a food desert, there is a new sign of hope for families struggling to put food on the table. The school district hopes to end student food insecurity in Memphis Shelby County Schools.

Inside Treadwell International Community School, MSCS has opened what they call a “cashless grocery store” for families.

More than 600 Treadwell students and their families can now shop at the “Goodr Grocery store.”

“To me, this means someone is looking and that someone cares,” parent Shelia Keaton said. “As a mom of four, that will help a lot. That will help tremendously to be able to come in and grab a meal or two, just to get throughout the week because of the grocery prices things have changed tremendously.”

Ryan Moore, senior partnership manager with Goodr stores, said MSCS helped make it possible.

“We have great partners like the school district that have funding and are able to say we really want to invest in our students and that’s what we’re about,” he said.

Dr. Erin Luster, community engagement manager with MSCS, said the store will allow families to shop with dignity.  

“They’re able to shop privately so that they can have that experience independently without additional families being here at the same time. They’re able to get dry good as well as non-perishables, fruits and vegetables,” Luster said. “One thing we heard a lot from in this community is the need for solutions around getting health food or getting access to health food in this community. So, we’re excited about being a part of making that happen.”

The store is also part of Treadwell’s new resource room and its resource center. The center has served more than 350 families providing financial literacy, technology training and a place to wash and dry their clothes.

“It’s a great resource to be able to go, grab groceries, go and do laundry and other things around this school specifically. I think it’s a great area where they put in,” Keaton said. “They did a lot and that is something different. This is something spectacular for sure.”

The Goodr company, based in Atlanta, has served more than 20 million meals to those in need.