MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A TikToker who has traveled to 13 different states in the U.S.,  spreading positivity and love in a unique way, is making a pit stop in Memphis for his UnityBBQ event this weekend.

Memphis is a place struggling to fight crime. However, Terrance Wren wants to create a safe space for an afternoon where Memphians can unite and enjoy BBQ 

“We’ll have hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe chicken,” said Wren, founder of WeAreHuman. “So, people that get here early, they’ll probably be able to get them some chicken. We’ll also have like sides. ”

Free BBQ will be served at Morris Park on Saturday at 1 p.m. But he is serving up more than just food.

“We do these state-to-state to spread love and unity and positivity energy with everybody regardless of color and differences,” Wren said. “We chose Memphis because Memphis is a rough city out here and Memphis needs a lot of love.”

Wren is from Minnesota. He started UnityBBQ after George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. Wren was looking for different ways to spark change. 

But his words weren’t the only thing getting recognized. His TikTok account was, as well.

“I have always wanted to be able to do things where I can help people,” Wren said. “Social media just has that platform now that offers us an opportunity to really be able to reach each other.”

Wren and his partner, Joshua Bryant, say they promise to not only give hope to Memphians but also live up to our city’s high standards when it comes to BBQ.

“It’s Memphis baby. You can’t sit here and mess up barbeque in Memphis,” Bryant said.

“Anything that you cooking and you use love with it, it’s going to turn out right,” Wren said.

There will also be prizes and items for the homeless. Wren is also taking donations to help serve his mission.