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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Trumann, Arkansas had thunder rumbling accompanied by heavy rain, high winds, and colder temperatures on Wednesday.

All eyes were on the sky in Trumann, a city still recovering from tornadoes that swept across the city on Dec. 10. It also still has residents on edge.

“I noticed the weather had changed since I came in and of course that’s scary,” Terah Redman said. “And all of the sudden you’re like, ‘oh no it’s tornado weather again.’ And now everything to me is tornado weather.”

Terah Redman is coordinator of the Donation Distribution Center in Trumann’s sports complex. It’s been filled with donations for people impacted by the EF-2 twister. There’s no doubting many share Redman’s concerns about new severe weather threats to the area.

Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen said restoration efforts have been underway 24/7 since the tornado on Dec. 10.

“What are we going to do if we do have another big storm like this one,” Lewallen said.

At least 72 homes were destroyed, and dozens more were damaged. The city lost its main fire station and suffered damage to its infrastructure. Lewallen said another major storm so soon would be hard to cope with.

“We have some experience with this now,” she said. “We have plans, and we have stock piles of things, but we’ve been damaged. So, another hit would be really devastating.”

But it’s the fear of the unknown that has people like Dalton Adams losing sleep at night. He barely escaped a direct hit on Dec. 10.

“Yeah, lucky,” Adams said. “Wasn’t my time to go I don’t guess. It can get you anytime, you never know. It was only about right exactly, where it come though was about twenty yards from my house. And it could have been my house and my grandkids.”

Representatives with FEMA are also headquartered in the Trumann donation center, taking applications from people impacted by the tornado.

The mayor said a fund has been established at Southern Bancorp Bank in Trumann to assist victims.