MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three students were arrested after allegedly bringing loaded guns to Coldwater High School on Thursday.

According to the Coldwater Police Department, the assistant principal called officers after noticing the students smelled like marijuana.

The students, 18-year-old Tyree Stevenson and two 17-year-olds, were detained until police arrived. Two guns were later found in fanny packs, along with an extended clip that had 14 rounds in it, CPD says.

Officers also found drugs on the students.

Tyree Stevenson (Courtesy: Tate County Sheriff’s Department)

No injuries were reported.

Coldwater Police Chief Rickey Dandridge says this is possibly gang-related.

“We do feel like possibly gang-related, possibly for protection with the gangs. I noticed with these guns here, you see that they have a bandana that’s tied to what we would call the extended clip,” Dandridge said.

Photo by Bria Jones, WREG

As a result of the incident, Thursday night’s basketball game against their rival, Senatobia High School, was canceled, according to reports.

This comes one month after a man allegedly brought a gun to Coldwater High during a basketball game between Coldwater and Potts Camp.