MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A fiery crash in Orange Mound Saturday left a woman dead, a business badly damaged, and many questions.

Investigators initially told us a police pursuit may have occurred before the crash. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is handling the investigation, and we’re pressing them for answers.

It was a frightening, fiery sight off Park near Ethel early Saturday morning. A video captured by a woman caught in the chaos shows one of the cars and a building on fire.

Witnesses said the pops heard in the video sounded like gunshots coming from the crashed car.

A witness said a black car was speeding down Park when it hit a dip and collided with a white car before sliding into Wilson’s Tire Shop and catching fire.

Trey Brady and others jumped into action to help. 

“We pulled the young lady out, you know, tried to help her out, but the flames, it was so horrific,” Brady said.

A woman died, and four others, including a child, were hospitalized. 

Memphis Police said preliminary information indicates a police pursuit may have happened before the crash, but it has not been confirmed. The Tennessee Highway Patrol was called in to investigate out of an abundance of caution.

The owner of Wilson’s Tire Shop said Monday he’s trying to keep running his business that’s been in the neighborhood for 42 years off a generator. 

Warren Banner said he was sad to see what played out in the neighborhood. 

“I grew up in Orange Mound. I’m also a part of Guns Down in Orange Mound and I also work here at Juice Orange Mound, so I’m a part of everything going on,” Banner said.

While Banner hopes for answers in the case, he calls for support for Wilson’s.

“A good tire shop. Everyone comes here to get their tires fixed,” he said. “Come check on him because he’s a good person in this community.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said they are reviewing evidence and are unable to confirm if there was a police pursuit before the crash at this time.