UPDATE: As of 5 PM, there are 203 customers affected.

UPDATE: As of 2:40 PM, there are 103 customers affected.

UPDATE: As of 1:15 PM, there are still over 3,300 customers affected.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of Memphians found themselves without power Tuesday morning. Outages were reported in Cordova and parts of Southeast Memphis.

So far, 5,444 customers were affected as of 11:30 am on Tuesday.

Crews are working on the problem now, but a cause has yet to be determined. Temperatures today are expected to reach a high of 97 degrees today.

MLGW said in an email that the outage is due to a vehicle hitting a pole at Riverdale Road and Starkenberg.

This outage comes one day after WREG spoke with residents in Parkway Village who was also without power.

MLGW was made aware and issued a status alert to keep those in Parkway Village informed. Sadly, Johnell Bridget said power outages are nothing new to the area.

“The people across the street came over to plug their phone up,” he said. “There are so many trees around here. A lot of trees.”

Even his sister, who calls Binghampton home, is having to navigate around life’s speed bumps as her power also went out overnight.

“I told her to come over here because she has asthma and also she’s a diabetic,” Bridget said. “But there’s not a whole lot you can do. You just have to go visit somebody that got air.”

If you or someone you know are without power, call the utility company’s hotline at (901)-544-6500.