MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of downtown Memphis to bring In the New Year, many of them on Beale Street.

From the music to the food, the atmosphere was truly unmatched, and many said they had been longing for this experience.

“Happy new year,” is a phrase that has become synonymous with Beale Street, as thousands flocked to the iconic street to celebrate on Saturday night.

For tourists like Nicholas Stuart, this event holds a special meaning since he gets to create memories with his family.

“This whole thing is just about that, so getting these kids out to Beale Street — historic. We’re reading all the placards signs all of those, the oldest black business in Memphis, it’s an incredible feeling,” said Stuart.

Organizers estimated that more than 10,000 people would fill Beale Street, a number that prompted them to increase security, which put some at ease.

“No violence. I hope everybody gets along, has fun and gets home safe to their family and kids,” said a Beale Street attendee.

That was a hope not only shared by attendees but by officials with the downtown Memphis commission, who expressed confidence about their safety plan prior to the event.

“We’re always tweaking our security plan to try to make sure people are safe as possible. We’re always doing some tweaks here and there, but I feel 100 percent confident that we’re gonna execute that correctly,” said John Shivers with the Downtown Memphis Commission

From the music to the atmosphere, all could agree this was a time well-spent as we embarked on a new year.