MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thieves targeted nearly 20 cars parked at a hospital in East Memphis Monday night.

Memphis Police said 18 vehicles were broken into at St. Francis Hospital, and one of the victims, who wishes to remain anonymous, said vandals hit even more cars in the parking garage.

“It was just mindboggling to see that many cars broken into all at once,” the victim said. “My window was busted out I had glass and stuff everywhere. Stuff was pulled out of my armrest. It wasn’t nothing but paper.”

A video shows a row of vandalized cars outside the hospital. Piles of glass can be seen scattered across the parking lot.

Despite the thieves breaking into a large number of cars, detectives said they only got away with $5 out of a purse they later dumped.

“It makes no sense they done broke into all these cars to come up with nothing. Whatever they was looking for in those cars they did not find,” the victim said.

In a statement, St. Francis told WREG, “We are implementing additional security measures and asking employees to report anything that looks suspicious. Patient, employee and visitor safety remain a top priority.”

As for the investigation at hand, security officers told MPD they saw two men in a dark-colored vehicle speeding away from the parking garage and another man running away shortly after.

This leaves some to question how a large number of break-ins went unnoticed.

“Where was security at? Nowhere to be found throughout none of this, and I’m not understanding it,” the victim said. “It’s too many cars that got broken into for security not to see anything.”

Police said they were able to get fingers prints from several vehicles.

If you know anything about the break-ins, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.