MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis congregation is likely praying for cooler weather after thieves recently targeted their church, taking two of their industrial size air conditioning units when temperatures were in the 90s.

At Promise Land Church of God in Christ on Airways, the mission is to serve God and the needs of the people of the Orange Mound community and Memphis.

“We’ve been trying to do the work of God and that’s the history of the church working through different organizations for our neighborhood and our community trying to meet the needs of our people,” said church pastor Rev. Carl E. Williams.

First Lady Linda Williams said the needs of the community are great.

“We’ve seen in our community there are hungry people, and homeless people in their neighborhood, and there are so many people that need help,” she said.

But more than a week ago, the church found itself in need of help. Thieves who didn’t come here to pray but preyed on the church by stealing two industrial-size air conditioning units.

“These are the most recent units we purchased. We were trying to build this church, pay for this church and keep up the facilities as well,” said Pastor Williams.

“Devasted and probably a little angry, disappointed, but just for a little while. Now we’re encouraged to run on and do what we have to do for the community,” First Lady Williams said.

Despite this temporary setback, the pastor and first lady say they are even more committed to continue God’s work in the Orange Mound community.

“It’s just disheartening sometimes when you work hard for your community and somebody sees what you have and wants to take that from you, but we refuse to get down. We know God has a better plan,” said Pastor Williams said.

“We know that if we help the community, we help our people,” said First Lady Williams.

Pastor Williams said he believes it will cost several thousand dollars to get the units purchased and properly installed.