MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have arrested two people they say helped steal 14 vehicles worth nearly $200,00 and $160,000 in cash from two car lots.

The burglaries happened a week apart at Car Brothers Auto Sales and Repair in Berclair and Super Deals Auto Sales in Northeast Memphis.

Car Brothers Auto Sales and Repairs on Summer Avenue
Super Deals Auto Sales on Elmore

In both break-ins, the thieves cut power to the businesses, grabbed safes and key fobs, and drove vehicles off the lot.

Police haven’t said how many people were involved in the car thefts, but at least three people were caught on camera at both businesses.

The owner of Super Deals Auto Sales captured video of at least two men destroying the meters on the side of his building, and one of them using an electric saw to cut the lock off the gate around his car lot.

He says thieves spent at least two hours at his business and ripped a safe off his wall before leaving with around 30 key fobs, car titles, and four of his vehicles.

One of the cars stolen was a 2012 Dodge Challenger with a GPS device. Police were able to track the stolen car to Elaine Avenue and Bonnie Street in Berclair, where they found at least two other stolen vehicles.

Investigators arrested Rocky Leal and Matthew Camp after finding one of the vehicles parked in Camp’s driveway.

Rocky Leal (left) and Matthew Camp

The owner of Super Deal Auto Sales believes at least ten people were involved in the burglary of this business. He said so far, police have recovered two of his vehicles.

Leal and Camp are facing 20 counts of theft of property and two counts of burglary of a business. Camp is also facing drug charges.

They are both scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

If you know anything about the burglaries and car thefts, call CrimeStoppers at (901)528-CASH.