MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents at a Binghampton apartment complex were running for cover Wednesday afternoon when a shooting that started on North Holmes Street ended outside their front doors.

Two women at the Eastern Heights Apartments on Johnson Circle were sitting on their front porches when the gunfire started. The ladies didn’t want to be identified but pointed to a bullet hole in one of their windows.

“When I heard the shots, I ran into my living room and closed the door because I was nervous. I stayed in there until it quieted down,” said the resident. “When I got up and went to the bathroom, that’s when I realized they had shot up my bathroom window.”

Police said it all began on Summer Avenue when a woman realized someone was tracking her through her cell phone and saw her ex-boyfriend in a white Infiniti weaving in and out of traffic nearby. At the time, the woman was in a vehicle with her new boyfriend and her son.

The woman said her ex-boyfriend began chasing them and fired two shots at them when they turned on to Holmes. The woman said he fired several more shots at their vehicle when they circled the apartments.

Police said someone inside the apartment complex fired a shot toward the ex-boyfriend’s Infiniti, and that bullet went through the bathroom window.

Marquez Brown, 21, said the driver of the car being chased called him and told him they were coming through the apartment complex, and he fired a warning shot in the direction of the Infiniti.

Neighbors said children were also playing outside when the bullets were flying, and anyone could have been hurt.

“I was trying to get into the house. I almost fell off my chair. I fell over trying to get up, and everybody was going everywhere. It didn’t make sense. They need to stop,” said the neighbor.

Marquez Brown (Courtesy: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

Marquez Brown was charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

The woman with the bullet hole in her bathroom window said she had no idea who was doing the shooting or why, but they obviously didn’t care about who was in the line of fire.

“That bullet was right by my toilet. So, let’s say I was in there. The bullet probably would have hit me,” said the woman.

So far, Brown is the only person who has been arrested. He was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.