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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two of the most dangerous intersections in Memphis are on Riverdale Road, and eight of the top 10 intersections with the most wrecks are in Southeast Memphis or near the airport, according to information released by Memphis Police to city council on Tuesday.

More than 100 accidents have been reported this year at Riverdale Road and Winchester Road. Another 82 were reported at Riverdale and Shelby Drive. Those are the two highest totals anywhere in the city.

Christopher Thomas is in a perfect position to know how dangerous the intersection of Riverdale Road and Winchester is because his food truck, Live from the Kitchen Wings and More, sits within a few feet of the intersection.

“I done witnessed three wrecks. I done looked out the door and people done ran over into Walgreens, just in the past week,” he said. “They got, like, no regard for life. You got people that are running stop signs, they be on they phones, people spinning out in circles right there. It’s just so much going on.”

American Way seems to be another problem spot — there have been 68 wrecks reported at American Way and Lamar this year, and 62 at American Way and Getwell.

Intersections on Shelby Drive, Lamar and Winchester appear more than once on the list.

The two main trouble spots in other areas are Poplar at Parkway, with 68 wrecks, and Sycamore View and Summer, with 62 wrecks.

Memphis Police told city council members Tuesday morning that traffic enforcement has increased in that location.

“We are working to patrol that real slow speeds down ’cause that’s what contributes to the danger. People trying to beat the red lights,” said Stephen Chandler, Deputy Chief of Special Operations.

Thomas has strong words for careless Memphis drivers.

“Look, you got people that’s paying attention and people that ain’t paying attention hurting the one’s who paying attention. It’s not fair y’all. Stop it right now,” he said.

MPD also said Third Street is the most dangerous street so far this year with five pedestrian fatalities.