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BARTLETT, Tenn. – In the market for Tesla’s pricey, high-performance ‘Plaid’ or maybe a cheaper model? You will soon be able to buy them in Bartlett.

Telsa has already moved its service center from Advantage Cove in Southeast Memphis to a brand new store at 3020 North Germantown Parkway. It will begin selling the electric cars and solar solutions for homes there in mid-October.

“We are building our sales team right now,” said Service Manager Matt Vinson.

Vinson said there are around 4,000 Tesla owners in the Mid-South region they serve, including the Memphis area, parts of Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Right now, you have to travel to Nashville, Pearl, Mississippi, or Dallas, Texas, to buy a Tesla. The local dealership will sell new and used vehicles.

“If a car is listed for sale here, anyone in the nation could buy it, or if you see a car someplace else, you can have it transferred here,” said Vinson.

Back in June, Tesla released its Model S Plaid, which goes from 0-60 mph in two seconds and sells for around $130,000. The cheapest model Tesla available, the Model 3, sells for $38,000.

Tesla also has a supercharging station for drivers at 6073 Park Avenue in East Memphis.