TATE COUNTY, Miss.– A newly amended zoning ordinance has quickly become a hot button issue in Tate County, Mississippi.

The law limits where all manufactured homes known as trailers or mobile homes can be placed in unincorporated parts of the county. It’s impacting rural communities like Strayhorn.

Concerned citizens rallying behind the slogan “Our Land Our Rights” met Friday to sound off. Residents like Andrea and Ashely Daniel feel that the new ordinance is a way to push them out as the area grows.

“Myself, my husband and our four children are now effectively homeless, and we had to move back in with parents because they won’t let us put a new home on our property,” Andrea said.

“They want the middle class and people that can afford these 200 to 300 thousand dollar homes. I can’t afford that,” Ashley said.

Gray Ouzts, who works for the consulting firm that helped draft the plan, said any existing manufactured homes will be grandfathered in until they are destroyed or need to be replaced.

Ouzts said brick and mortar style homes have more property value which means revenue for essential services like public safety, roads, and schools.

“The county would like to create more increased revenue by property values versus increasing taxes even more,” Ouzts said.

Tate County Supervisor Tony Sandridge voted “no” on the ordinance with the hope to re-evaluate the situation.

“Nobody wakes up in the morning and says ohh I want a mobile home. People do what they can afford,” Sandridge said. “I plan on them changing it because we are going to fight tooth and nail.”

The consulting firm says the new ordinance has already passed and goes into effect later this month. The “Our Land Our Rights” group has started a petition to overturn the vote and potentially seek legal action.