MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis-Shelby County School Board’s special called meeting ended in uproar Tuesday night as many walked out upset that the board still hasn’t taken action in the superintendent search.

Emotions boiled over as security escorts out frustrated citizens and parents after the Memphis-Shelby County Schools Board of Education is putting the superintendent search on a temporary pause once again.

Board Member Joyce Dorse-Coleman announced she and Stephanie Love will be co-chairing the Superintendent Search Committee because chair Althea Greene is said to be “busy with other projects.”

“As a board, we must prioritize our work to finalize next year’s budget, support students taking the TCAP and end of years to exams,” said Dorse-Coleman.

To which someone in the crowd responded with an alarmed device, a sign of tension that has been brewing since the board chose not to accept the candidates the search firm they hired brought forth in mid-April.

The board wouldn’t answer other questions but after the meeting, Joyce Dorse-Coleman and Stephanie Love released a joint statement saying:

We’ve heard the community concerns regarding the MSCS Super Search: better define the candidate selection process, answer unanswered policy questions and get this right for the benefit of all, especially our children. Rather than stopping the search, we will temporarily pause to allow the time and attention necessary to complete the required tasks. This must be thoughtfully done to instill community confidence in the person chosen to lead Memphis and Shelby County Schools. 

Please expect further details regarding the next steps in the process during our superintendent search retreat on Friday.