MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tennessee Highway Patrol is looking for people to help make the roads safer and there are now 10,000 reasons why some are considering the job in Shelby County.

Tennessee Highway Patrol is pulling out all the stops in hopes of drawing in new recruits. Troopers piled into THP Headquarters on Summer Avenue on Wednesday to answer questions.

Captain Krystal Thaxter is over recruitment.

“We’re looking for men and women that’s out here that want to do the job to make a difference in their community,” Thaxter said.

A recent pay boost statewide has increased THP’s starting salary to $65,000. But it’s an extra $10,000 annually if you’re stationed in Shelby County. Thaxter said the pay boost is catching the eye of those at other agencies.

“We have had a quite a spike in interest from law enforcement agencies that want to come over and do this as well,” Thaxter said.

For certified law enforcement officers, THP has a lateral program that offers an accelerated pay scale.

“They don’t normally just bash their department or have anything negative to say some of them just say they always wanted to be a trooper and then a lot if it monetary incentive and people, you know, they want to provide for their families,” Thaxter said.

A flyer on the Join MPD website lists the starting pay at just $54,611. We asked the Memphis Police if they were concerned THP would take away from their applicant pool.

To which a spokesperson responded saying in part..

“With the recent 14% pay increase, the Memphis Police Department’s pay is at the top in our area,” an MPD spokesperson said in a statement. “We seek those with a passion for serving, particularly those who want to serve the citizens of Memphis.”

Currently, THP says there are at least 24 vacancies in the Memphis District.

“We just want the citizens of Shelby County to feel safe,” said Sgt. Rico Mazique. “Our job is to go out and make sure if you’re stuck or stranded on the side of the road that you receive assistance that you need and also combat against the aggressive driving that we see on our interstates.”

In the meantime, for people like Dudley Chrystack who drove from Jackson, Tennessee, job fair’s like this are the gateway to new horizons.

“It’s like a brotherhood, like a family, seemed like it could be different. I might could want to go,” Chrystack said.

The deadline to apply for this THP class is July 31. To apply or find more information, click here.

The Memphis Police Department will also have a hiring expo on Saturday, August 26. For more information, click here.