MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two teens have been arrested after an apartment filled with children was riddled with bullets in Whitehaven.

Terrence Rainey said his girlfriend and stepdaughter were inside an apartment at the Graceland Flats in Whitehaven on Sunday when shots rang out.

“It kind of had my heart racing real fast. It was scary because I was trying to get here,” Rainey said.

Rainey said 11 people were inside the apartment. Eight of them were children and the youngest child was only 1.

According to the police report, the victims recalled hearing 20 to 30 shots around 10:30 that evening.

Seconds before the shooting, investigators said one of the victims saw three men armed with pistols standing on the sidewalk.

Detectives later arrested 19-year-old Marcus Rounds and a 17-year-old who hasn’t been identified.

According to the affidavit, one of the victims recognized Rounds because he’d been targeting her brother.

Rainey said previously the suspects had come by making threats with guns over a stolen PlayStation 5 estimated at $750.

“Over a PlayStation that you don’t know who have, y’all just accusing somebody where your facts,” Rainey said.

Thankfully, no one was injured but a bullet pierced through a window just inches away from where someone was sleeping and also caused damage to the unit below. 

Rainey said he’ll be protecting the family until they feel safe again.

“I have a criminal history myself, but I have learned,” Rainey said. “I don’t carry my weapon to do any harm or crime. This the reason why.”

Rounds is facing a weapons charge and 11 counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Marcus Rounds

Police have yet to release information about charges for the teen.