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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Imagine being in high school and taking on a legal battle against one of the NBA’s best players. That’s the reality for 18-year-old Joshua Holloway, who spoke for the first time Friday about his legal tussle with the Grizzlies’ Ja Morant. 

It was a slam dunk for St. George’s Joshua Holloway as he signs his national letter of intent to play Division One Ball at Samford University this fall.  

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has filed a countersuit Wednesday against Holloway, accusing the teen of slander, battery, and assault after a fight over a pickup basketball game at Morant’s home last July. Holloway had previously filed a lawsuit against Morant.

“When stuff comes out, I really try to ignore it because I know everybody has their opinion so I just try to stay within myself,” Holloway said.

The suit accuses Holloway of damaging Morant’s reputation and putting him at risk of losing millions of dollars in his contract with the Grizzlies potential endorsement deals.  

It also accuses the teen of lying to police.  

Today, Holloway declined to respond directly to the suit, but talks about how he’s coping amidst the controversy.  

“Just don’t think about it too much, go to the gym when you feel and start to think about it. That’s what I do, that’s my therapy. I go to the gym, I work out, just get my mind off everything that’s happening right now,” Holloway said.

The original suit filed by Holloway accuses Morant of punching Holloway and pointing a gun at his hip as Holloway left Morant’s home. The teen says he’s keeping his focus on his future, at Samford University.  

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“I’m not intimidated by anything. I trust God, God has my back. I have nothing to worry about. I’m still going to reach my goal no matter what,” Holloway said.

When asked about the lawsuit after yesterday’s practice, Morant responded “no comment.”  

Right now, his focus is leading the Grizzlies against Lakers on Sunday for the first game of the playoffs right here at the Forum.