MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man turned the tables on some would-be thieves who attempted to take his car in Raleigh Tuesday morning.

Police said the would-be victim confronted two men and a young girl who were attempting to take his vehicle while he was sitting in it at the Avery Park Apartments.

He then fired his weapon, striking one of the suspects.

Memphis Police told us the person who was shot is 17 years old. He will be charged after he is released from the hospital. A 14-year-old girl has also been charged with several offenses, including theft and violating curfew.

The third person detained was released.

Some living at the complex off Raleigh-Lagrange were frozen with fear following the attack.

Jekori, who only wants to use her first name, knew seeing officers, crime scene tape, and a crashed car with a bullet hole through the windshield meant something serious likely happened.

Her hunch was confirmed when she learned this was a result of several people on the prowl.

“They got to the car they wanted, and they didn’t know that he was in there. They thought he was asleep. That’s when he got up and started to round on them,” Jekori said.

A car with its door smashed in remains as a reminder of the cruel confrontation. The car’s owner said his vehicle was rammed when the trio of thieves tried getting away before crashing.

Management at the complex told us the 17-year-old was struck in the neck and is thought to be paralyzed as a result.