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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teen girl has died after a shooting took place on Christmas Day in Downtown Memphis.

The victim has been identified by family as 16-year-old Nia Simone.

Simone’s mother, Robyn Ratcliff, said her daughter was inside Club Level III on Adams Avenue when she was struck by a bullet. She was taken to the hospital where she died two days later.

“She was a good friend. She was a good daughter. She was my only child. She was just exceptional,” Ratcliff said.

Simone was a junior at Overton High School where she ran track, played soccer, was a basketball manager, and worked at a neighborhood Walmart. Her mother says she was supposed to be at a sleepover that night but left with friends to go to a party.

“My daughter was not supposed to be at that party at all. She was only 16 and this was supposed to be an adult party, so how she got in this party I will never understand,” Ratcliff said.

The mother said Simone was standing next to the DJ booth near the window when the bullets came through, hitting her child in the chest and back of the head.

Ratcliff was told that someone was upset that their car was broken into and began shooting.

MPD posted a video of the shooting that shows the suspects firing from a dark-colored sedan and a white minivan. The footage also shows a man attempting to fire at the fleeing suspects.

Police told Simone’s mother that there were around 36 shell casings found at the scene. There are several bullet holes in the front of the club. 

At this time no arrests have been made.