MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A couple’s plan to lure a drug dealer into a robbery instead ended with a man shot dead and his girlfriend facing a list of felony charges.

According to a confession given to Memphis Police, Kerryoni Brown and her boyfriend Jaylon Faulkner had a plan to rob a drug dealer she knew through Facebook.

They allegedly lured the man by setting up “an honest drug deal,” a court document states.

But when the dealer pulled up to a house on Leacrest in the Westwood neighborhood in the early morning of Dec. 20, Faulker brandished a gun.

Someone inside the dealer’s vehicle then fired several shots, striking Faulker. He was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead.

Brown took two weapons from Faulkner, tried to clean up the scene and then fled before police arrived, according to witnesses.

Brown, 18, was booked into jail Friday and is held on two bonds totaling $85,000.

She is charged with reckless homicide, aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and two counts of tampering with evidence.