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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 16-year-old was shot and another teen is looking at charges after the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest Tuesday.

Taki Walker, 19, has been charged with attempted murder among a list of other charges after investigators say he’s connected to a shooting outside a convenience store in Fayette County.

After spotting Walker’s vehicle, authorities tried to initiate a traffic stop but he fled the scene. Deputies say at one point Walker was clocked at 102 mph.

“It can happen anywhere so we don’t want to put our head in the sand and act like violence can’t occur,” said Chief Deputy Ray Garcia.

Once deputies were able to detain Walker, they went to his residence where they located several weapons and high-capacity drum-style magazines.

“We knew that there was the possibility of weapons that were going to be involved we just didn’t know the amount of firepower that was going to be there,” Garcia said.

Investigators located over 60 bags of THC gummies, 12.9 grams of marijuana, a set of digital scales, and over $1000 in cash in Walker’s residence.

“I think everyone was shocked at the amount that came from the location,” Garcia said.

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Deputies say Walker did not have a driver’s license or insurance on the car he was driving and that the shooting was likely gang-related.

“We’re going to use any tool like that we can to try to keep violence off the streets,” said Garcia.

The Sheriff said while no specific comments can be made about the guns recovered, he’s confident they will be tied to other crimes in the area and more arrests are expected.