MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis teen is facing an attempted murder charge after police say he shot at several apartments in Whitehaven.

Memphis Police responded to reports of shots fired at the Summit Park apartment complex on Piping Rock Drive Wednesday. Police say several apartments on the street had been shot up.

According to police, one person was reportedly shot on the same scene and taken to the hospital in non-critical condition, but he wasn’t sure who had shot him.

One victim had a rifle round inside her kitchen and several bullet holes inside of her home. Another victim had several bullet homes in his front door and window.

Memphis Police say nine other people were inside of their apartments when shots were fired.

A witness told police a man with dreads wearing red and black pants came from the side of the building and started shooting an “AR style rifle” towards another man. Police say the victim ran away as several people shot at him.

Officers later met with 18-year-old Quantarius Davis at St. Francis on Park Avenue, who reportedly matched the description the witness gave police.

Police say Davis had been shot and was in non-critical condition. Davis reportedly told officers he had been shot at an apartment complex, but he couldn’t give an exact location and couldn’t give any details.

Memphis Police say a witness positively identified Davis as one of the people firing shots at the apartments on Piping Rock.

Davis has been charged attempted first degree murder, reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm.