MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you have driven down many of the highways and interstates in Memphis or across the state of Tennessee, the one thing you probably can not avoid are potholes.

They are a common occurrence brought on by our intense summer heat and the cold weather of earlier this year. However, the Tennessee Department of Transportation apparently feels your pain.

Rebekah Hammonds of TDOT Communications said TDOT wants to hear from you regarding state-owned roads and interstates that are in desperate need of repair.

“We hope to collect very specific and detailed information from callers,” Hammonds said.

TDOT has created a new hotline for Tennesseans to report maintenance issues, including potholes that are creating safety hazards. Call 833-TDOTFIX during business hours to voice your road concerns.

Hammonds said TDOT’s goal is to enhance their operations and improve their customer service to you.

“With this call center, you will be talking to a live person who can get that specific information from you,” Hammonds said. “So, we are encouraging callers to use this hotline to report things like potholes, litter, issues on the roadways, things that are maintenance issues.”

Issues that could pave the way for smoother rides on what are now bumpy roads in Tennessee. TDOT stresses the hotline should not be used for emergencies.

The virtual call center operates Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.