MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Shelby County School parents will have to wait to receive their third-grader’s TCAP test results.

The Tennessee Department of Education released English Language Arts TCAP data to districts Friday and MSCS promises to contact parents by Monday with test data.

“There should never be any decisions made about public education without public educators at the table,” said Danette Stokes, President of the United Education Association of Shelby County.

Stokes says waiting till Monday for TCAP test results is a disservice to third-grade students and she places the blame on Tennessee’s Third Grade Retention Law.

“When the legislators, the government, came up with the great idea of having a third-grade retention law we knew there was going to be a lot of uncertainty around getting the actual results back,” Stokes said.

Under the law, third-graders who didn’t achieve a proficient score in English Language Arts on the TCAP would be held back unless they retake the test and make a proficient score, attend summer school, or go through tutoring the following school year.

MSCS announced on Facebook that they will process the data over the weekend and contact parents or guardians by letter or email Monday.

“We’re asking parents, once you get the notification that your child has not passed the test or they’re not proficient, then you need to contact your school and ensure they are there May 24 through May 26,” said Jaron Carson, MSCS Chief Academic Officer. Which is the last three days of school.

Stokes says the retesting is biased and unethical.

“These are our babies who were kindergarteners during the pandemic, so to us, for something like this to be in place against our students, our third graders, it’s an unethical thing to do,” Stokes said.

We’re expecting to see those scores as well Monday and learn how MSCS students fared this year compared to last.