MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Crime is declining on many college campuses in Memphis and across the state of Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s annual Crime on Campus report.

TBI says crime reported on campus decreased 4% from 2020 to 2021 and decreased 32.5% overall since 2018.

However, reported assault offenses have increased.

The report shows that campuses being shut down in 2020 due to the pandemic led to a decrease in incidents being reported across Tennessee. Despite the continued overall decrease, because students returned to campus in 2021, an increase is now being seen.

Violent crime increased by almost 60% from 2020 to 2021.

For example, on the University of Memphis campus in 2021, there were four sex offense cases, 22 assault offenses, 45 theft cases, nine burglaries, and seven motor vehicle theft cases.

In 2020, there was only one sexual assault case, 28 assault offenses, 57 theft cases, 15 burglaries, and five motor vehicle thefts.

At Rhodes College, ten sex offenses were reported in 2021, six assaults, 24 thefts, two burglaries, and one motor vehicle theft. In 2020, Rhodes reported no sex offenses, four assault cases, 13 theft offenses, two burglaries, and one motor vehicle theft.

At LeMoyne-Owen College in 2021, there were zero sex offense cases, two assault offenses, two theft offenses, but no burglaries or motor vehicle thefts. In 2020, no sexual assaults were reported. The school did have one assault offense, but no thefts, burglaries, or motor vehicle thefts were reported.

And at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, there were no sex offenses, ten assault offenses, 11 theft offenses, and two motor theft cases last year.

In 2020, no sex offenses were reported, but there were 15 assault offenses, 20 theft offenses, and no motor thefts.

Southwest Tennessee Community College reported very little crime in the last two years.