MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family faced fear Tuesday when they learned their son fired a shot into a Memphis news station before barricading inside a nearby restaurant.

While we were streaming on Facebook Live, a man was desperate for answers and approached police.

“Who do I need to talk to man? That’s my (expletive) son in there man,” he said.

That voice was a man who identified himself as the father of the gunman who was holed up inside a restaurant along South Highland after firing at least one round.

His father told us his son is a father himself of a 2-year-old. He said his son was shot more than a half-a-dozen times a few months back and has not been the same since.

While waiting for details regarding what was happening and why, the only thing his father could do is pace back and forth. Out of desperation, he tried using any means of communication to reach his son.

“Come on out that bathroom because this is not the way. This is not the way, we can do this another way. I don’t want nothing to happen to you. Come on out that bathroom. You are my only son. Come on out of there baby. For real,” he said.

Sadly, it would be several hours until he surrendered. Before that could happen, his mother Marsha McKinney made her way to the scene as well. Through tears, she described getting a phone call no mother ever wants to get. She said her daughter told her what happened.

“We are going to do a lot of praying,” she said.

Marsha McKinney knows there is a lot still to sort out but she said one thing is certain.

“My son is going to need some help,” she said.

While checking in with Ms. McKinney, Deputy Chief Stephen Chandler made it clear, he would be okay. With that, you could almost see her breathe a sigh of relief knowing her son survived and could get the help she believes he needs.

After nearly two hours, there was still a web of crime scene tape and a web of confusion. But the suspect’s mother and father say this was clearly a cry for help.

So far, no charges have been filed against the alleged gunman.