MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Collierville police are searching for a suspect following a chase early Thursday.

Police say a suspicious vehicle was spotted in the area of Houston Levee and Poplar Avenue.

After an officer initiated a traffic stop, police say the suspect fled in the vehicle. The suspect then stopped, got out of the vehicle on Bushrod Cove, and ran towards the Almadale Farms subdivision.

Police have not located the suspect at this time.

Mike Earps was busy with yard work at his home in the subdivision Thursday morning. He slept through the early morning police activity in his neighborhood but his wife did not.

“She saw some flashing lights across the street, looked out the windows, and saw a couple more, I guess, squad cars, come by and go through the neighborhood,” he said.

It’s another alarming sign to Earps that crime is on the rise and hitting closer to his home of 15 years. 

“It’s concerning that it’s happened a couple of times now in the last thirty days,” he said.

Earps is specifically talking about an incident just a few days ago when police say Kirk Sandifer stole liquor from a Collierville store and fled. Sandifer nearly hit a police car before crashing and running. He was finally captured near Almadale Farms.

Earps said he and his wife do what they can to stay safe. However, he says it appears no part of Collierville is safe anymore.

“It’s unnerving. We try to keep lights in and keep a watch out and stuff like that,” he said. “All three of these neighborhoods down Houston Levee are really safe and quiet but it seems like the crime is moving out in our direction.”