MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two students are in custody after guns were found at Ripley High School Wednesday morning, the Lauderdale County School District announced.

The school district said they received an anonymous tip that a student had a gun on campus.

Law enforcement officers on campus quickly found the student and the gun.

The student was taken into custody and the high school was placed on lockdown during the investigation.

The school district said as officers continued their search, another firearm was found inside a car parked on campus. The student responsible for that firearm was also taken into custody.

As for why guns were brought on campus, Lauderdale County School District Superintendent Shawn Kimble said at least one of the incidents is gang-related.

“I’m pretty certain that gang issues and gang-related issues probably played a hand in this gun making its way to campus today. It’s just alarming,” Kimble said. “This is a symptom of a much larger problem than what educators are trained to deal with.”

The lockdown was later lifted. The superintendent said at no point was anyone in immediate danger.

Ervin Harris, whose property backs up to the school, is grateful no one was hurt.

“I’m very thankful and I know a lot of parents should be so too.. I think a lot of parents need to start checking with their kids, making sure they are leaving home with the proper stuff and not taking weapons out,” Harris said.

Kimble wants those with concerns to know there will be a continued heavy law enforcement presence from multiple agencies at the school.

“We’ll have even more officers in the foreseeable future just so people are comfortable and know we take safety seriously,” he said.

We’re working to learn if the two students taken into custody will face any charges.