MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is sounding the alarm over the number of crimes being committed with stolen guns.

He says police are doing everything they can but need your help. Most of the crimes being committed are with guns stolen from cars.

We’ve reported on the epidemic of car break-ins in the city. Sometimes dozens of vehicles are burglarized in one swoop.

The mayor says it’s critical you don’t keep an unsecured gun inside your car.

I’m pleading with people top secure their guns in their cars. The vast majority of people who are breaking into cars right now are doing so to get a hold of weapons. We had probably a couple thousand weapons stolen from cars last year. They’re not stealing guns to go hunting. They’re stealing guns to commit crimes. Please secure your guns either in your car or in your home. We need your help.

Mayor Jim Strickland

Police chief CJ Davis had her gun stolen from her car in January when she was parked outside a lighting store in Cordova.

The gun was in a lockbox but the thieves were able to steal the lockbox because it was not attached by a cable to the car.