MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man who broke into an HVAC supply store on Christmas Eve was arrested after police say the business owner saw him selling the stolen items on Facebook.

The owner of Garrett Supply Company in Northeast Memphis said the burglar was caught on camera smashing the front door of his store and was wearing neon yellow and black gloves.

Wesley Garrett said the thief took $600 in cash and two Dewalt Battery chargers worth about $200 each. After scrolling through Facebook Marketplace for three days, Garrett saw a man wearing the same neon gloves and selling the same battery charger.

Garrett Supply Co. burglar

“The gloves. I knew it had to be him,” said Garrett, “I saw his name, and it was somebody who broke into a store I used to work for seven years ago. I knew he was a criminal.”

Police said the name on the Facebook page was Bedford Watson, who has since been charged with burglary and theft.

Investigators said they were also able to tie Watson to the burgundy Kia Sportage the burglary was driving.

“Probably stolen, but pretty distinct,” said Garrett.

Watson has a lengthy criminal record and, in the past, has been arrested for burglary and theft. Garrett is just relieved he was caught.

“Hopefully, he’ll be put away for a while,” he said.

Watson’s bond was set at $3,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on January 17.