MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are facing charges after a large amount of drugs and guns were discovered by the US Postal Inspection Service and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Parcel Division.

In May 2022, Deputies along with agents from USPIS made a controlled delivery of a package containing 5.3 lbs of marijuana to an Oakhaven home. Detectives waited until they observed the package being brought inside the home.

According to police records, detectives had already acquired an anticipatory warrant, which was triggered as soon as the package was brought inside.

Once the package was inside the home, detectives sprang into action. According to records, detectives identified themselves and knocked on the door. When they heard no response, detectives breached the front door.

Inside the home, detectives found 20-year-old Michael Rimmer Jr. and 26-year-old Donterio Woody in the front bedroom. They were given verbal commands and complied without incident.

Deputies detained two other men near the back door of the house, Michael Rimmer Sr. and Earnest Spencer, both 42. They were also taken into custody without incident.

Police searched the home and found several items of interest: drugs and a combination of firearms both bought and stolen.

According to deputies, they located the following in the front bedroom: 402 grams of marijuana, 9 digital scales, 1 tan Glock 19 9mm, 1 black Glock 29 10mm, 1 black Glock 23 .40 cal with Glock switch to make it full auto (stolen), 1 tan 9mm Ghost gun with Glock switch to make it full auto (stolen), 1 black Sig Sauer P365 (stolen), 1 Anderson Rifle .556 and approximately $2,200.

Deputies searched the rest of the house and found the following in the rear bedroom: 26 grams of marijuana, 52 suspected ecstasy pills, 91 grams of THC brownies, 1 digital scale, 1 black M&P bodyguard (stolen), 1 black and silver Smith & Wesson SD 9mm, 1 pink Charter Arms .38 special, 1 black FEG .762 Rifle.

The White House recently announced it’s cracking down on Ghost guns. The weapons do not have a serial number and are privately made. They’re being recovered more and more at crime scenes.

The feds recently said last year alone 20,000 suspected ghost guns were reported to the ATF in criminal investigations, a ten-fold increase since 2016.

Michael Rimmer Sr. is facing charges of theft of property ($1,000 or less), possession of marijuana with intent, possession of ecstasy with intent as well as four counts of possessing a firearm during commission/attempt of dangerous felony.

Michael Rimmer Jr. is facing nine counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, six counts of possessing a firearm during commission/attempt of dangerous felony, two counts of theft of property ($1,000 or less), and possession of a controlled substance with intent.

Michael Rimmer Sr. and Jr. do not have any bond information posted at this time. There is no information available currently when they are due back in court.