MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Starbucks workers at more than 100 locations across the country have walked off the job, including employees at one Memphis location.

With temporarily closed signs on the door, chants are reverberating across Midtown as Starbucks employees at Poplar and Highland are, yet again, striking.

“We wanna be sure we’re out here still sticking up for workers across the country and that we all have each other backs in this store,” said Emma Worrell, a Starbucks employee.

The walkouts coincide with Starbucks’ annual Red Cup Day, which is one of the busiest days of the year for the coffee giant.

“We’re hoping that this strike shows that we’re here we want our needs met and we’re hoping that this makes them kind of think and how they been treating us,” Worrell said.

Workers say they are seeking additional staffing, higher pay, and more consistent schedules. In a statement about the walkouts Starbucks, said in part:

“We remain committed to all partners and will continue to work together, side-by-side, to make Starbucks a company that works for everyone.”

Despite the commitment, union supporters like Tori Black say they are not convinced the company will live up to its word.

“Eventually, they won’t have a choice. There’s plenty of customers coming up to turn around cause the store is closed and the workers are on strike,” she said. “Eventually, they are going to lose a lot of money, if they don’t come to the negotiating table.”

There is no word yet on the financial impact the closures had across the country. We will keep you updated as negotiations continue.